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Rules & Regulations


All Entries Close: 1/3/2020

The official entry form or legible photocopy is to be addressed to:

Horticulture Steward
Bellarine Agricultural Society Inc.
PO Box 315
Drysdale 3222


Please check that the following have been included with your entry form:

  • A self-addressed stamped envelope for the return of your duplicate entry form and /or exhibit tickets.
Additional Rules of Entry
  2. Accepted entries are subject to the rules and regulations for all sections as well as these additional conditions.
  3. Exhibitors to supply own containers.
  4. Exhibits must be staged by 9am.
  5. Exhibits to be collected after 4pm.
  6. All exhibits of cut flowers must be grown by the exhibitor.

Cut Flowers, Shrubs & Trees

A vase of flowers and/or foliage is 3-6 stems unless stated otherwise. Stems are counted from above the top of the vase. There should be about 15 cm of stem showing to the first flower.

K1 Specimen rose

K2 Vase of roses

K3 One truss zonal pelargonium (geranium)

K4 One specimen dahlia smaller type

K5 Vase of dahlias mixed

K6 Vase of dahlias - large type

K7 Vase of mixed flowers not scheduled

K8 Vase of flowers of one kind not scheduled

K9 One specimen bloom - not multi-headed, and not scheduled

K10 One multi-headed spike, truss or stem not scheduled

K11 Vase of flowering shrub/s or tree/s


Floral Design

Materials used in floral design may be purchased if desired. Accessory/ies, painted or dyed material may be used with discretion if it assists the design. {(O.H.M.P.) - other horticultural material permitted.}
Space permitted 45 cm. unless stated.


K12 Black & White

K13 Anniversary Arrangement

K14 Cresent Design

K15 My Choice


K16 Arrangement for a table

K17 Basket of Foliage & Fruit

K18 Arrangement using three (3) flowers

K19 My Choice

Prize for Best Novice Arrangement

Junior Section

K20 One decorated hard boiled hen egg

K21 Necklace made of leaves on gut or cotton (45cms)

K22 One vase of mixed flowers 3-6 stems

K23 'I made it Myself” - own choice novelty from horticultural materials, and/or fruit and vegetables

Container of Grown Plants

A container is anything that holds or grasps the plant e.g. backing boards for elks and all container grown plants must have been owned by the exhibitor for at least two months prior to show date. Container inside measurements must not exceed 30 cms.

K24 One variegated plant

K25 One maiden hair fern

K26 One any other fern

K27 One flowering African violet

K28 One flowering plant not scheduled

K29 One succulent

K30 One any begonia

K31 One green foliage plant - Not scheduled this section

K32 One any unspecified plant/s

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